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New 7" EP, "Striped Dragon", set for release on June 15th!

 After their acclaimed second LP, last year's Sang-Dragon, Witchthroat Serpent continue to blaze their own path in the most powerful manner possible. Striped Dragon is not merely an addendum; it is a fierce metallic onslaught of occult psychedelia, strong enough to stand on its own.
 Recorded live at Drudenhaus Studio during the Sang-Dragon sessions, this new 7"EP reveals an even more radical side of the doom shamans. These two exclusive tracks push the band’s sound into a new territory. Fierce and mind-warping, riddled with fuzzy hammering riffs and ever-groovier pounding, it’s a mean follow-up to their previous sonic excursions.
 Striped Dragon will be presented in a deluxe gatefold cover, a carefully-crafted work of art by Branca Studio. This piece is limited to 300 copies and is a one-time pressing.


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