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New album, "Live Dates Live", out on September 29th!

 Almost fifty years ago to the month, British rock band Wishbone Ash brought out 'Live Dates', their most commercially successful album. A milestone, not only for the band, but also in the history of rock music. "At the time, we had been on tour non-stop for three years, had released 'Argus' – from today's point of view our most important studio album – and were like a well-oiled machine," remembers founder Andy Powell, who continues to helm the group. "We had made a name for ourselves as a dynamic live act, so it only made sense to capture the energy and vibrancy of our shows on a live album. Fortunately, the record company funded the costly Rolling Stones Mobile Recording Truck, so we were able to record several shows during our UK tour and compile the most powerful moments on 'Live Dates'."
 Fast forward half a century and we find ourselves in the summer of 2023, with Wishbone Ash celebrating the anniversary of their 1973 concert classic with a new edition. "New" meaning: the same material in exactly the same sequence, performed by the current line-up and recorded at Daryl's House Club in Pawling, New York. The new release is entitled 'Live Dates Live' and will be available on CD, vinyl double LP and for digital download on Steamhammer/SPV from 29 September 2023. Andy Powell: "'Live Dates Live' is our tribute to the original and our thank-you to all those fans who have been instrumental in making Wishbone Ash one of the few bands from the early seventies who are still active today, who still record new albums and tour on a regular basis."
 Of course, Wishbone Ash mark 2023 has little in common with the 1973 line-up. Or do they? After all, guitarist/vocalist Andy Powell still keeps a tight hold of the musical reins. In addition, guitarist Mark Abrahams, bassist Bob Skeat and drummer Mike Truscott are first-rate musicians, some of whom may be a lot younger, but ooze the original spirit and philosophy of this outstanding band.

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