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New album "Null" out on February 12th!

 Having created a substantial following for themselves, due in part to the release of the 2011 EP We Are The Lords Of Hellfire, and in part to the band's frenetic live shows and the notoriety of having named themselves after the last surviving brothel in Bergen (now a museum) Vestindien, for reasons unknown, decided to call it a day.
 But, seven years later, some of the original members got together and decided that the time was right to start making music again. Gone was Vestindien's classic 90's hardcore sound, with its heavy metal twist, to be replaced by one that embodies the essence of Black Metal, Punk and Old School rock'n'roll.
 It was a sound that intrigued Dark Essence Records enough to sign Vestindien, and plan the release of the band's debut full-length album Null. An album in which hints of the band's hardcore roots are still subtly present, but whose songs are dark, desperate and desolate, and which also include hard-hitting punches of energy and groove.


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