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New album "Astrala" out on January 19th!

 The sign of a truly special band is that they transcend their own influences to create their own unique sound. Druid Metal!
 Inspired by artists as diverse as Enslaved, Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, Tangerine Dream and Iron Maiden, guitarist Harri describes their sound as ‘Finnish druid and folk metal’.
 As guitarist Harri says proudly. “Unshine has always been a band without the traditional role models. For us, the most important thing in a song is the melody. Sounds and rhythms create the overall atmosphere, but the melody makes the whole ancient story in it come to life.”
 Nature is the true influence on Unshine’s music. Their alpha and omega. Their beginning and end. The modern world may have almost forgotten the ancient ways, but Unshine keep them alive in words and music. “The songs try to reunite the old bonds between the dolmen gods and digitised mankind. Nature is not our enemy, it’s our physical and especially spiritual home.”
 This is not surprising when one realises that all five members of Unshine, friends for many years, were all raised in the countryside villages of Western Finland.
 With a long history of recording and playing behind them, Unshine are super-stoked about the released of their new album ‘Astrala’, which is inspired by the “invisible side of the Earth. The first five album songs address the manifestations of Astrala and the last five songs describe travels to Astrala. The album has a touch of Nordic melancholy written all over it, also in the lyrics, and it includes music meant to create landscapes and themes from folk stories, mythology and nature religions, but also to present personal views describing the spiritual meaning of a forest as a cultural concept. The binding theme here is forest, although this is not a theme album.”


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