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New album, "Bons Baiser Du Void", out now!

 Following their critically acclaimed debut album, the dynamic metal progressive band hailing from Toulouse has undergone a creative metamorphosis, embracing a lighter, more ironic, and quirky musical approach. Departing from the depths of darkness and heaviness that characterized their earlier work, "Bons baiser du Void" promises to transport listeners on a whimsical journey through an imaginative sonic landscape.
 True to their progressive roots, Univertigo's latest offering showcases a fusion of eclectic influences, seamlessly blending intricate instrumentals with thought-provoking lyrical narratives. Fans of the band can expect an unparalleled auditory experience that pushes the boundaries of the metal genre.
 Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of musical pioneers, Univertigo's sound on "Bons baiser du Void" invites comparisons to esteemed acts such as Between The Buried And Me, The Algorithm, and Vladimir Bozar 'n' Ze Sheraf Orkestär. However, the band's signature style remains distinctly unique, ensuring an innovative and unforgettable listening experience for audiences old and new.
 With their sophomore release, Univertigo continues to solidify their position as one of the most exciting and boundary-pushing acts in the contemporary metal scene. "Bons baiser du Void" promises to be a testament to the band's evolution and a celebration of their unwavering commitment to artistic innovation.


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