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New EP "Will Of The Beast" out now!

 Titan’s Wrath considers itself to be a Traditional Heavy Metal Band, but also pulls influences from various other metal subgenres to create a unique sound that fans of newer and older metal music can appreciate. With vocals on pair with Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford, and King Diamond, melodic guitar riffs, and fast double bass, Titan’s Wrath looks to redefine heavy metal all while celebrating the various influences that molded the band together.
 Titan’s Wrath was formed at the end of 2019 originally under the name Leviathan. After playing a couple shows in the beginning of 2020, Leviathan looked to record their first demo only for the pandemic to derail their recording plans. After a couple of months of quarantine, Leviathan regrouped and decided to change the band’s name to Titan’s Wrath and went through some lineup changes. The lineup as of today consists of Garret (vocals), Tito (guitar), Riley (guitar), Dennis (bass) (ex-Heretic, ex-Reverend), and Angel (drums)
 In September of 2020, Titan’s Wrath recorded a demo that would be followed up by the band’s first EP titled “Into the Abyss”, which was released in April of 2021. Since then, Titan’s Wrath has played all over Southern California and has been featured in metal magazines and radio shows across the world.



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