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Debut album,"A Story To Tell", out on September 13th!

 TIMELESS FAIRYTALE is founded by Danish singer Henrik Brockmann (original frontman of Royal Hunt and Evil Masquerade) and Italian guitarist/songwriter Luca Sellitto, from the band Stamina and session guitarist for Ian Parry's Rock Emporium. The mighty lineup is completed by a killer rhythm section, consisting of Stamina's bass player Carmine Vivo and Swedish drummer Viktor Enebjörn, from the bands Forever Still and Darknd. TIMELESS FAIRYTALE's style is the result of a tasty combination of neoclassical/power metal, symphonic metal and classic rock.This band can be considered a "dream come true" for all fans of catchy and elegant vocal melodies, classically influenced instrumental parts and majestic/bombastic arrangements.
 Luca Sellitto about the album: "When singer Henrik Brockmann (ex-Royal Hunt) and I decided to form Timeless Fairytale, we settled on creating a very melodic and energetic album, with a lot of strong and deep melodies, neoclassical/symphonic influences, virtuosic playing and slightly melanchonic lyrics. 'A Story to Tell' leads the listener into an evocative journey through multiple facets of human experiences and feelings, by offering a very dynamic and diverse sound palette which will surely keep the attention and interest high from the first to the last note.
 Henrik acts just like a storyteller. His charming and unique vocal timbre matches perfectly with the underlying 'arabesque' musical atmosphere that characterizes most of the tracks. The album also has a few pleasant twists here and there, but without ever losing its cohesive nature.
 My songwriting pays homage to some great Melodic-/Power-/Neoclassical metal artists and bands from the 80's and 90's for sure, but without simply paraphrasing their style. We strongly believe that we have our very own identity and a modern sound as a band, and we just can't wait to share with world what we've come up with".

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