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New album, "Lurking After Midnight", out on May 24th!

 For nearly 25 years now, THE LURKING CORPSES have been perfecting their patented "Horror Metal" - a singular and potent blend of dark, Misfits/Samhain-style punk rock, blistering thrash, and classic, hook-laden heavy metal - and deliver it with theatrics and panache, masked and becloaked in the best Halloween tradition. However, these Indiana ghouls' albums hit hard no matter the season, and they've risen from the grave after a whole decade with Lurking After Midnight.
 Featuring a mostly new lineup, led as ever by demon-crooning frontman Lord Vladimir Von Ghoul and bassist The Nameless Horror returning, THE LURKING CORPSES sound absolutely reinvigorated on Lurking After Midnight, their first album since the HELLS HEADBANGERS-released Workin' For the Devil. Sure to fulfill every horror geek's wet dream, the quintet unload a wide variety of styles across the album's 15 songs, ranging from doo-wop to surf to punk to death metal, but always with addicting energy and straightforward heaviness to spare. Of course, it wouldn't be THE LURKING CORPSES without their tongue-in-cheek mix of sex, violence, and good, old-fashioned horror-flick gore, and you get a maximum overdrive of all across the 49 minutes of Lurking After Midnight.
 Sure to leave you singing along and banging your head like there's no tomorrow, THE LURKING CORPSES put the "fun" back in funeral with Lurking After Midnight!

04 09 The Lurking Corpses


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