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New album “Electric Temple” out on April 16th!

 For SUPERLYNX’s lineup of Pia Isaksen on Bass and Vocals, Daniel Bakken on Guitars and Ole Teigen on Drums, piano, keys and vocals, “Electric Temple” is both a continuation on from their previous album “New Moon” and a further development of moods not previously explored by the band. Poignantly, “Electric Temple” also bears a deeply felt mark left by the tragic death of a close family member.
 According to the band, the title of the album is a reference to Jimi Hendrix/ way of looking at music. As they explain:
 Our music and lyrics are as always very personal to us and refer to what we go through. Life, music, nature and inspiration is a general focus. We always want to push ourselves and explore deeper, wider and further and we feel this album shows our effort in that respect.
 As Hendrix said “We call our music ‘electric church music.. Because it’s like a religion to us.” And that is much like how we feel about ours. In music we find so much of what people seek in temples, religions or other spiritual forms – strength to endure trials, peace of mind, ecstasy, safety, hope, community, joy, transcendence etc. In the process of writing our third album this truth only become clearer to us. Music is our temple.
 As to the actual technical aspects of the album SUPERLYNX went to describe how fortunate they were that producer Marc Urselli got in touch with the band wanting to work on the album with them:
 He happens to be a multiple Grammy Award win­ning producer who has done sound for Nick Cave, Mike Patton, Lou Reed, Keith Rich­ards, The Black Crowes and countless more. He also has a project with Lee Ranaldo & Jim Jarmusch, has played in a trio with Stephen O´Malley and has a project with people like Steve von Till, Matt Pike, Lori S, Dave Chandler and more.
 But these credits were not what was important to us though. It was rather the fact that his sound was so in line with what we ourselves hoped to get out of this. Marc ended up mixing the album and we are really happy about how he has enhanced our sound.
 The same goes for Fridtjof Lindeman of Strype Audio, who mastered “Electric Temple” as he did for our previous two albums. He is always a pleasure to work with and does excellent work every time.


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