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New mini-album, "Enter The Gates Of Fucking Hell", out on May 24th!
 It was but the summer of 2022 when SPITER burst from the fucking grave with their debut album for HELLS HEADBANGERS, Bathe the Babe in Bats' Blood. Featuring members of labelmates SHITFUCKER and Devil Master, the power-trio made plain - and vulgar - their infernal & infectious True Vampyric Metal Punk: a raw-yet-anthemic blend of cult blackthrash, obscure hardcore punk, and even the wildest deathrock. The album sowed its seeds of sanguine depravity and SPITER took their madness on the road, cementing their cult status immediately.
 Now, the deviants of SPITER return with a ripping new mini-album, Enter the Gates of Fucking Hell. This six-song / 26-minute recording sees the lineup scaled back to vocalist / guitarist / songwriter Richard Spider (Daemon Bitch of SHITFUCKER) and drummer Snake (Disjawn) - they continue to be a trio for live purposes - and remarkably shows even more fire and focus than that not-inconsiderable debut album. Somehow, those six(-six-six) songs sound shorter and more epic simultaneously, with Spider showing his songwriting chops between wild & winding mania and ghoulish catchiness. The production, in kind, is colder and harsher but clearer and heavier, assaulting the listener with arguably more undead energy than said debut. And then, over before it began, you're again possessed to press "play" and enter those fucking gates over and over...again, until it fucking hurts.
 SPITER will be touring with new labelmates DESOLUS this May, so no better time to Enter the Gates of Fucking Hell!
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