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Announce album details; "Savior" will be released in May!

 Portland's  SOFT KILL have today announced details of their upcoming new album; titled Savior, the ten track release is due on May 11 via Profound Lore Records.
 The album is the follow up to 2016's Choke - a critically acclaimed release that saw the band embark on a near-constant tour cycle. Savior is their triumphant follow up opus which will no doubt put the band back in the eye of the storm and back on the road throughout 2018.
 The genesis of Savior was conceived in stark and unusual circumstances that heavily influenced the album's composition and mood. Whilst returning home from tour, frontman Tobias Grave’s eight months pregnant wife began to bleed out in the van. Having raced through the night to a medical facility, surgery was performed to save both the mother and unborn child.
 Although the surgery went well, baby Dominick’s lung collapsed on his second day of life causing him to flat line. Grave was forced to standby and watch as the doctors and nurses struggled to keep his newborn child alive with blood transfusions, breathing and feeding tubes. As days turned into weeks, stranded far from home and standing vigil, he purchased a guitar, borrowed a bass from a friend and began to write songs that eventually would become the core of Savior.
 Having already overcome addiction, Grave found himself confronted with circumstances that saw him desperately seeking solace and comfort.  By facing up to some harsh realities - the possibility of losing his son, and his battle with drug addiction - he made choices that meant he was now able to find that solace in writing music. 
 In the empty space, suspended between mourning and celebration, between life and death, Grave's found himself exploring just how dark it could get before this dawn finally broke.
 Although the lyrical content is oftentimes heavy and hard going, the musical accompaniment is more than sufficient to sweeten the taste.  SOFT KILL have matured into a melodic powerhouse; effortlessly blending genres, Grave's emotionally raw storytelling is the foundation for the layer upon layer of pop perfection and spiralling gloom. Whilst straddling multiple genres, the band don't shy away from being simply an alternative rock band; take from them what you see fit.
 Savior was recorded/mixed in Kingsize Studios in Los Angeles and produced by Benjamin Greenberg (Uniform, The Men, Algiers).


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