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Details of upcoming album!

 The release date for the “Introvert”, the new full-length album from SLEGEST has been set for the 16th November on Dark Essence Records.  Sounding more rock than ever, “Introvert”  will be the third studio outing for the Norwegians, and will comprise eight tracks guaranteed to please the fans of SLEGEST’s riff-laden music.
 “Introvert” promises to be an album in which SLEGEST’s trademark sound  of black metal and classic heavy rock is well and truly defined.  The shades of the 80’s are more present than before, and the album is filled with great riffs, ensnaring hooks and a vicious catchiness. The title, on the other hand, reflects the material’s origin, as SLEGEST’s  frontman and main composer Ese explains:
 “An introvert – a person who is predominantly interested in their own inner experiences. The album is born out of a mindset and lifestyle characterized by introversion. SLEGEST’s music has always fed on inner moods, feelings, nostalgia and heavy rock. Nevertheless, this inspiration from within has led to our most outgoing and in-your-face material ever! We are surpassing ourselves on this one, let it spin in the face of life itself!”
 Bass and vocals for “Introvert”  were recorded in Systrond and engineered by Ese.  Drums and guitars were recorded at the  Conclave and Earshot Studios in Bergen with  Bjørnar Erevik Nilsen engineering the drums,  whilst the guitars were engineered by Herbrand Larsen, who also mixed the album.  Iver Sandøy handled the mastering.
 With cover artwork by Anders Røkkum, “Introvert” will be available in CD, Digital and Vinyl formats.



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