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New album, "Undivided", out on November 17th!

 Signum Regis was formed in 2007 by bass player Ronnie König. The highly respected vocalist Göran Edman (ex. Yngwie Malmsteen, John Norum) joined the band and they started working on their self-titled debut album that was released in 2008 via Locomotive Records. In 2010 Signum Regis released their second album, the impressive concept album "The Eyes of Power" via Inner Wound Recordings. With this album it was clear that Signum Regis had found their own sound within the melodic/neoclassical metal scene.
 The third Signum Regis album "Exodus" was released in 2013 via Ulterium Records and it featured many different vocalists like Göran Edman, Lance King (ex. Pyramaze, Balance of Power), Matt Smith (Theocracy), Michael Vescera (Obsession), Daisa Munhoz (Vandroya, Soulspell) and more. "Exodus" was a bit more straight melodic power metal than the previous album, but the classic Signum Regis elements were still there.
 Early 2014 the band decided to make Mayo Petranin their new lead vocalist. Mayo had already done shows with the band and he also contributed vocals to one of the songs on "Exodus", so it felt like a natural move.
 Signum Regis released the 6 track EP "Through the Storm" and their fourth album "Chapter IV: The Reckoning" during 2015 and these releases showed that Signum Regis was able to develop and improve everything from song-writing and musicianship to production and the visual part of the band, and most media and fans agreed that these were the best releases from the band so far.
 In 2015 the band also took part in a band contest called "Spark Fresh Blood" organized by the top Czech/Slovak rock magazine Spark. There were 400 bands in the competition and Signum Regis won it. The band released a 10th anniversary album called "Decennium Primum" independently in 2017.
 In 2018, the band parted ways with vocalist Mayo Petranin. The split was handled in a gentlemanly manner and the band played all shows with Mato that were already booked, even after the official split.
 New vocalist Jota Fortinho entered the band and the new album "The Seal of a New World" was released via Beyond The Storm Productions late 2019 and received very good feedback from fans and media around the world. The band also released a 7 track EP called "Flag of Hope" in 2021 and the live album "Made in Switzerland" in 2022.
 Since Jota joined the band in 2019 Signum Regis have played shows and festivals in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland.
 In 2022 Signum Regis started recording their 7th album "Undivided". Unlike on the previous releases, this time the band hired an external producer to make sure that there's an objective perspective in terms of what is the best for the album in all aspects: from performances of each band member to the overall sound and production of the whole album. Jacob Hansen worked with the band numerous times before, but this is the first time he produced, mixed and mastered an album for the band, and the result speaks for itself.
 In order to make sure that graphical artwork is on par with the great audio production, the band hired the great German artist Uwe Jarling. In the artwork the band re-introduces the mascot King Rex who is fighting the forces of evil. He is not only a visual representation of the band, but also of all people who are united (undivided) and willing to stand up against the evil of this world.
 The songwriting on "Undivided" is really strong and the songs that ended up on the album were cherry picked from many. On the album you will find fast power metal songs, epic heavy metal songs, lots of catchy melodies, neoclassical influences and uplifting lyrics. Throughout the entire album you hear the strong musicianship that Signum Regis are known for, crowned by the excellent vocal delivery by Jota Fortinho!
 Don't miss out on "Undivided", an impressive uplifting power metal album that should be perfect for fans of melodic power metal and heavy metal and bands like Helloween, Stratovarius and Theocracy!

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