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New studio album, "Medusa", out on January 12th!

 For Jack Russell, this project represents a long-awaited return to recording and new music, coming seven years after the release of 'He Saw It Comin'' with Jack Russell's Great White. Instead of dwelling on the past and attempting to recreate the storied origins of the multi-platinum hard rock entity, Jack is excited to be moving forward and collaborating with none other than Tracii Guns, an artist experiencing a creative resurgence of his own.
 On 'Medusa,' Jack and Tracii have discovered a common thread in a collection of songs that draw from the bluesy power and heavy energy of their most celebrated material and roots, yet infused with a fresh, energetic drive and modern metallic production.
 About the album, Jack had this to say, "It was so great making a record with Tracii! Initially, I had my reservations about making this record, but in the end it kicks ass. I'll play with Tracii anytime!"
 'Medusa' is an album that showcases inspired artistic integrity and commitment to rock'n'roll from two extraordinary rock stars of the 80s and 90s.
 In 1984, Jack Russell burst onto the scene as the frontman for Great White, a prominent presence in the Los Angeles music scene. The band's self-titled debut, along with platinum-selling albums like 1987's 'Once Bitten...' and 1989's '...Twice Shy," sold over 8 million copies worldwide. Their rock legacy continued into the 21st century, and in 2011, Russell went on to form Jack Russell's Great White.
 Tracii Guns is a legend in his own right. He founded LA Guns in 1983, which later merged with another group called Hollywood Rose, laying the foundation for one of the true giants of rock: Guns N' Roses. After departing the band and reuniting with former Girl lead vocalist Phil Lewis to reform LA Guns, he signed with Vertigo Records and released 14 studio albums with the band. He also ventured into various side projects, including Contraband (with Michael Schenker and others), Sunbomb (with Michael Sweet of Stryper), and more recently, Blackbird Angels with Todd Kerns (of Slash & The Conspirators).
 Ultimately, this new music from RUSSELL - GUNS is a gift to the millions of fans who have steadfastly supported both Tracii Guns and Jack Russell throughout the years. It's everything they've been waiting for and more.

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