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New album, "Age Of Chaos", out on May 24th!

 When ROTTEN UK made their long-awaited full-length debut, That Is Not Dead, in 2016, it seemed like quite the surprise coming from HELLS HEADBANGERS. Although pure punk rock is a rarity the label, the form ROTTEN UK played on that celebrated debut - and proceeded to uniquely twist to their own design, with power and personality, across its 14 anthemic tracks - is actually a variety that inspired many early speed metal and thrash bands: commonly known as UK82, this subgenre was indeed a strain of early '80s UK punk that synthesized the anthemic Oi! style before it with the nascent harder/faster style pioneered by the likes of Discharge, The Exploited, and GBH. But UK82 wasn't the only thing lurking in ROTTEN UK's cauldron; other stated influences included early Finnish legends like Kaaos and Riistetyt as well as England's Disorder and Broken Bones. Of course, trainspotters will know frontman James von Sinn from Japanese-style metalpunks Blüdwülf.
 And, in many ways, von Sinn carries on that cult band's too-long-dormant legacy with ROTTEN UK's back-from-the-dead second album, Age of Chaos. Although some seven years separate the two albums, Age of Chaos carries forward the sound of its predecessor with renewed vigor and a wider 'n' wilder palette. Not for nothing does the 46-minute album comprise a full 15 songs: exhibiting both staggering variety and finely honed focus, ROTTEN UK's second full-length sweeps across throttling metalpunk, hammering anarcho-punk, and even early goth, as it evolved from punk and into deathrock, with effortless aplomb. Thus, one will find influences from the aforementioned Broken Bones but also Amebix, Rudimentary Peni, and even Hellhammer, all rendered in ROTTEN UK's engaging 'n' enigmatic style. The Exploited play a prominent influence, too, both their paradigmatic thrashing style as well as their goth-tinged classic Horror Epics; other early goth touchstones here include UK Decay, Screaming Dead, and the early works of Christian Death and T.S.O.L. But even with these spidery dynamics integrated, ROTTEN UK's second album surges with a heaviness only hinted at earlier, with the crush coming from a firm UKHC foundation of early Sacrilege, English Dogs, Onslaught, Warfare, and especially later Anti-Cimex. And while the songwriting is superlative, the production of Age of Chaos is both authentically vintage and remarkably clear & cutting, courtesy of recording at Vanik's Mercinary Studios. The Midnight link continues with guest vocals by mainman Athenar on a track and guest vocals by Ho99o9's Eaddy on both a track and a bonus track.
 Completing the totality of this momentous record, Age of Chaos features stunning cover artwork courtesy of THE legendary Frank Frazetta, officially licensed from his family. Songs of revenge, revolution, and the Apocalypse, with magic and the occult swirling all about - ROTTEN UK return into an Age of Chaos!

04 08 Rotten UK


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