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New album, “The Story Of Mr. Bogd – Part 1”, out on August 16th!

 With “The Story of Mr. Bogd – Part 1” RITUAL has created a blissful blend of road movie, classic fairytale, buddy movie and adventure epic, set in an imaginary land and era reminiscent of late 19th century Europe. All delivered with music that covers a large amount of stylistic ground, ranging from intense and powerful rock, to musically elaborate and intricate tracks, along with some odd and even quirky moments, and of course some acoustic, folky songs.
 No strangers to the art of the “concept” album, indeed they have often been inspired by Tove Jansson’s novels about the Moomins, RITUAL’s new album forms the first part of the story of Mr Bogd, the oddly named protagonist who, as an established member of society and an affluent individual, realises that the life he is living is deeply unsatisfactory. The result of this revelation is that our Mr. Bogd suffers a mid-life crisis so deep that he sees no other alternative than to leave his job and his comfortable urban lifestyle.
 It is an act of pure desperation – a decision taken without having any clear idea of what it is he is actually looking for. He therefore frequently falls prey to moments of doubt, yet, deep inside of him, there are insistent memories and strong sensations that constantly drive him forward on a journey that, together with coachman Parkhurst, leads Mr. Bogd through an increasingly wild, imaginative and dangerous environment.
 In short, it’s a story about forsaking what we know, what is safe, and what is all mapped out, in favour of an ideal of what constitutes the natural world. That distant, unlit, unknown, destination, whilst at the same time exploring why anyone would want to do such a thing. At its heart it is a story about maintaining your innocence, and finding sanity and self- esteem, and what one is ready to give up in order to do so.

06 07 Ritual


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