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New album "From The Depths" out on August 7th!

 The debut album "From the Depths" by Ravened is an experience of five young guys, pouring 100% of their hearts into 12 heavy tracks, which would attract both listeners interested in the technical aspect of music, as well as anyone who just loves great metal.
 Even though the band members are between 19-24 years old, the music has been a big part of their lives for generations. Olle Liljegren (guitars) are son to Simeon Liljegren (Modest Attraction, AudioVision), and nephew to Christian Liljegren (Narnia, The Waymaker, AudioVision, Divinefire, Golden Resurrection, etc.) and drummer Oliwer Svensson is son to Kent Svensson (Hellfueled).
 Ravened is all about really tight metalcore with heavy riffs, well-written lyrics, and a hunger and passion like few other bands in their age. From first introduction-track "The Path" and into "Foul Deeds" to closing title track "From the Depths", the band keeps the listener's interest. The guys put their hearts and minds into songs like "False Conjunction", with its attitude, and the mighty "Personal Universe", featuring a church cantor, playing a grand church organ.
 The band was formed in 2018, and has just started their journey towards an exciting future. This is where it all starts!
 The debut album "From The Depths" is recorded in Lund, produced by Ulf Blomberg.



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