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Desert-psych debut "Mojo Rising" out on November 30th!

 Never underestimate the impact of desert rock’s massive, hypnotic tones in inspiring artists around the world, nor on the uniqueness achieved when that sound is ingested and radiated forth by a band from distinctively non-desert environs…
 Hailing from the city of Bradford in Yorkshire Country, England, Psychlona began via the most rock ‘n roll of origins:  guitarists Phil and Dave, who had shared stages frequently in their respective bands over the years, crossed paths in 2015 while attending a local gig and bonded over beers and discussions of Kyuss, Fu Manchu, Sabbath, Nebula, and Hawkwind, and decided to form a new band that night.
 Setting to work, they coalesced quickly with bassist Martyn and began to conjure the laid-back soundscapes, fuzz-driven grooves, and weighty yet flowing riff power they mutually loved.  Following their Spinal Tap-esque search for a reliable drummer (finally finding a fit at number SIX), the ambitious and motivated foursome wasted no time writing and self-releasing their debut album while simultaneously organizing and hosting their own music festival, Idle Fest, all with the goal of taking their sound global.
 Psychlona floats easily between Boogie Van-era Fu and early Orange Goblin, stirred with ocassional spoonfuls of Spirit Caravan to doom things out.  Of course, no matter how far they ride in any direction, Sky Valley is always just over the horizon…
 Psychlona’s debut album, Mojo Rising, sees a proper label release this November, with digital and CD via US riff-rock leaders Ripple Music and vinyl through Cursed Tongue Records.


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