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New album, "State Of Emergency", out on October 6th!

 Unlike many other contemporary metal bands, PRONG are respected for their down-to-earth attitude, hard driving stamina and familial bond with their devoted fans - which they have garnered continuously throughout their 40-year history. 'State of Emergency' shines as a triumphant return for the band, as well as a furious tableau of East Coast aggression, clothed in that classic PRONG sound that never goes out of style.
 The earned experience of having sat at the forefront of the heavy metal scene in the US and around the world for many decades now has given Tommy and the band the foresight to know what's ahead, and to and to keep churning out that impeccable recipe of punk, metal, post-punk noise, doom, blues and thrash that makes up PRONG's sound.
 Victor outlines the stylistic direction of the eleven songs that make up 'State of Emergency', "It's a very 'PRONG' record. I think it's totally genre-transcending and definitely ignores what's going on out there these days,"
 Commenting on his artistic approach, he says: "I like all kinds of music. This record totally reflects that because it covers lots of different angles. At the same time,'State Of Emergency' is very guitar-oriented and a typical example of my style.'
 Produced by the skillful hands of legendary producer Steve Evetts (Sepultura, The Dillinger Escape Plan), 'State of Emergency' surprises on the post-punk track "Disconnected" and then grooves on the title track. Originally released as a standalone single in early 2023, "Breaking Point" takes no prisoners with honest lyrics and cutting attitude, while hard hitting "The Descent" is a lightning quick, classicripper. "Back (NYC)" has Victor saying: "To me it's as if Jimmy Page wrote a song playing through Dimebag's amplifier, with Henry Rollins singing. Kind of a weird experiment for sure!"
 The album closes with a cover of "Working Man", by the legendary RUSH: "RUSH was the first power trio I ever saw live and I was blown away by them. 'Working Man' is so simple and it's so heavy. I also love the lyrics. I thought it would be great to tune down a bit and slow down, and I think we nailed it."

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