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New album, "From Low Beams Of Hope", out on June 28th!

 From Low Beams Of Hope represents Pijn's most avant-garde creation yet, delving into realms of introspection beyond their prior discography. An enchanting opus spanning four tracks and clocking in at just over forty-five minutes. Departing from conventional songwriting, the album embraces a cohesive thematic approach, immersing listeners in a visceral whirlwind of emotions where positivity intertwines with profound melancholy. Notably, this release signifies a significant milestone as the band's inaugural album under their independent label, Floodlit Recordings, showcasing a seamless journey from inception through recording, mixing, mastering, and eventual release.
 Adds Joe, "From Low Beams of Hope is an album with more of an abstract feel than our previous records. Where Floodlit and Loss were a very focused reaction to grief, From Low Beams Of Hope came from an attempt to get perspective on the passage of life, thematically and sonically embracing our own experiences in an attempt to create something that can feel at once uplifting and exciting, vulnerable and reflective, yet was made in fragmented and difficult surroundings."
 Audio clips sourced from the band's touring and studio experiences form the foundation of From Low Beams Of Hope. These snippets of chatter, in-jokes and camaraderie only become prominent in the album's softer, more melancholic moments. Additionally, the introductory poem sets the tone for the record, highlighting themes of impermanence, perspective, regret, and respite. An incredibly immersive and mind-expanding listening experience, the album showcases the collective's growth since their previous releases. This includes their 2020 reimagining of their debut album, Loss (originally from 2018), as well as the highly acclaimed collaboration with Conjurer, Curse These Metal Hands.

05 15 Pijn

(Photograph by Craig Murray)


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