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New LP "Demonize The Flesh" out on September 1st!

 BLOOD HARVEST RECORDS is proud to present OSSUARY INSANE's Demonize the Flesh, the second part of an ongoing endeavor to reissue this cult American death metal band's entire recorded works. Forming in that fateful year of 1991, OSSUARY INSANE were originally named Ossuary and released one demo under that moniker before changing it in 1995. As OSSUARY INSANE, they would undergo multiple lineups and release a trio of official demos and one album, Demonize the Flesh, in 1998. Through it all, the band would perfect a sound that was DEATH METAL incarnate - unremittingly dark, dynamic, and heavy as fuck - but offered tons of unique twists, all increasingly their own and executed with pinpoint precision. In many ways, OSSUARY INSANE took the well-known (and rightly so) Tampa death metal style down both weirder and more blackened routes, always challenging the listener while throttling the body. With Demonize the Flesh, the band truly burst upon the scene with a hungry 'n' harrowing sound that was equal parts youthful exuberance and mature-before-their-years confidence, locating a sound that was both immediately engaging and difficult to conveniently categorize. Although Demonize the Flesh was padded out with a slew of bonus tracks for its original CD release in '98, OSSUARY INSANE always wanted their debut album to be a stand-alone piece, as a tight 'n' taut set of six tracks in 30 minutes - and now, with the help of BLOOD HARVEST, that vision is realized...and, for the first time, on vinyl!
 "This album (Demonize The Flesh) was recorded in April of 1996. I remember that it snowed on the first day of recording, which turned out to be the only day of recording that we did because we ended up shredding the entire album live in one take, all in a row, fuckups and all raw and unedited (with the exception of bass and vocals, of course). The unexpected snowfall at the end of April was a surreal sight through the exceptionally large windows in the recording studio, which was in the woods separated from the mansion itself, called Pachyderm Studio/Mancini Mansion. The studio had one of John Lennon's old mixing boards for a very warm analog sound. Unfortunately for us, we failed to provide ourselves with someone who actually knew how to properly mix and record an album, although at the time, we thought we had! We most certainly lucked out, and the studio $3,000 special recording rate for one full week of live in the mansion and record til your hearts content also came with a studio engineer/intern. Thankfully, the guy knew how to patch the monstrous board and run everything good enough to help us try and make something happen. I remember his name being Bob Dumas, and by the end of the week, we all lightheartedly called him Bob Dumbass. Just for shits and giggles. Honestly, he was detrimental in us actually acheiving rather than outright failing, and for that, we are immensely grateful, indeed. Now, with that said, we had initially expected and planned to tune down to B-flat just as our three-track demo Fallen To The Pits had been. However, at the last minute, the guy we brought with us to record the album (the only dude we knew who supposedly had any studio knowledge in our extremely limited circle of acquaintances at the time) proposed that we tune up to C-sharp and, to our later regret, decided that since the music for these songs was much more involved and advanced than our demo (which is entirely true) that we would be better able to hear the harmonies if we tuned up. So we did. Now, we would have preferred to have Demonize The Flesh recorded at a B tuning, heavy as all fuck like Entombed's Left Hand Path; instead, we tuned up, and the recording turned out production-wise more like Darkthrone's A Blaze In The Northern Sky album. Nothing whatsoever wrong with that! We love A Blaze... just as much as LHP record, so, with time, D.T.F. eventually grew on us and we forgave ourselves for our hasty transgression. Now, we're not comparing our band or our record or the overall intent of it to either Entombed or Darkthrone, for that matter, just talking about the production sound and difference between our demo and the debut release. Still, we'd have preferred a B-flat tuning if we could go back and do it over. The tracks themselves are, to us, of course, time capsules/suspended-in-time nostalgic embraces of those early, formative years for Ossuary/Ossuary Insane, and when we listen back, we still get a warm, blissfully wonderful feeling from the glorious, golden era of classic death/thrash with a touch of second wave of black metal (Darkthrone, as I already mentioned), and despite the change in sound (as all the O.I. recordings sound different), we hold a righteous place in our demonic heart(h)s for this particular era of jams, and I feel, without question, there's yet another album worth of Demonize The Flesh material to be discovered and finally recorded at the bone-crushing B-flat tuning that the original lacked! Again, those songs are still top-notch death/thrash madness, undeniably so, and it's truly rare to find such well-written/structured material in the blood of OSDM with its own uniqueness to boot. At least that we achieved undeterred by the tuning. It just wouldn't hurt to follow up after two decades with D.T.F. Part II, in my humble opinion. 'Til then (and until Part III), headbangers of the old-school arts and the olde guard prevailing, we sincerely wish for you to enjoy this bit of nostalgic metal mastery in the name of good old-fashioned murderous death/thrash infernal deeds eternal!!! Hails & Horns Up to all of you who, regardless of time and age, continue without shame nor regret to stand tall and proud of your loyalty to the extreme underground scene where ever it may be! - OSSUARY INSANE 2017


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