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New demo tape, "Sermon To The Snake" out on Fenruary 16th!

 Hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana, OBSCENE is a traditional death metal band with influences running the gamut of US, UK, and Scandinavian death metal. Their foremost stated influences include Edge of Sanity, Asphyx, Demigod, and Cianide, among others. Members of OBSCENE have spent time with bands such as Acheron, Black Goat of the Woods, Boddicker, and other obscure extreme metal bands in the American Midwest. Perhaps not surprisingly, their debut Sermon to the Snake demo surges with a sinister stateliness that's pure and total death metal classicism. Also perhaps not surprisingly, the original self-released version was picked by the esteemed Decibel magazine for their "demo of the week" online series. Death (of corpse), time and eternity, and the inevitable societal collapse are all covered on Sermon to the Snake, and it's a quick-hitting and extremely auspicious start for this Midwest horde.


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