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New slpit album "The Lurking Horror / Amorphous Chaos" out on September 28th!

 HELTER SKELTER PRODUCTIONS and BLOOD HARVEST RECORDS is proud to present a special split album between NECROBLOOD and PSYCHOMORPHIS, respectively titled The Lurking Horror and Amorphous Chaos, on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats.
 Quick-hitting and utterly disgusting, this split album features two deadly committed death metal hordes. NECROBLOOD have been active for nearly a decade now,and have specialized in an utterly bestial form of the Metal of Death, culminating in their celebrated Collapse of the Human Race album from 2017. Gnarly as that debut LP was, the three tracks comprising their The Lurking Horror half here go full-force into uncharted waters of lo-end destruction and pummeling intensity. PSYCHOMORPHIS are no less bestial but different. The band comprises members of underground legends Sadomator as well as a member of Necroholocaust; fittingly, they unleash eight tracks of ultra-primitive insanity inspired by Goat Vulva, indeed invoking Amorphous Chaos.


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