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Debut album "Coastal Toweers" out on March 3rd!

 Italian label/collective Xenoglossy Productions will release "Coastal Towers", the debut album from mysterious raw black metal entity Mural Crown.
 According to the label's words, "Coastal Towers" is focused on the 16th century coastal towers of Further Abruzzo, which were built near river outlets by the Kingdom of Naples and used as guard posts to spot and signal the presence of incoming privateer ships. Some of the towers got destroyed and don't exist anymore, others are still standing and have been converted to local history museums.
 The tower on the front cover is Torre di Martinsicuro, one of the first towers to be built. It also served as a customs office since it bordered on the State of the Church. The tower on the back cover is Torre di Cerrano. Both can be still visited today as museums.
 The downtuned, trembling and quivering riffs featured on the two tracks from the "Compendium" are ever present here, together with the reverberated death metal-like growls and punk-ish moments that surface at times.


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