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Set release date for debut album!

 Werewolf Records, freshly in conspiracy with Hells Headbangers, sets January 6th, 2017 as international release date for the highly anticipated debut of Mexico's Mordskog, XIII. Despite hailing from the hellishly humid climes of Mexico City, the trio of Mordskog bewitch with an ancient black metal mysticism that's freezing to the touch but burning at its core. And yet, for all its '90s classicism, there's not a single clear-cut influence to easily discern across the nine tracks of XIII; it's as if all the best strains of second-wave black metal, be they Norwegian or Polish or Swedish or French or even Greek and Czech, have profusely swirled within a long-hidden cauldron, only now to bubble over and into something familiar yet foreign. But just as equally do Mordskog honor their heritage with a hallucinatory, coke-dusted approach to songwriting, locating all the crevices below and between, spiritually spelunking and basking in the descent. With noses seduced by the harshest yeyo, this is all ably amplified by the strange 'n' powerful production, which all sounds like it could've arrived from the more boundless, unorthodox '90s. The gates have opened and the landscape ahead is vast: Mordskog have the number with XIII. Hear the first number to be revealed with the track "Nascentes Morimur" exclusively HERE at Werewolf Records' Bandcamp, where the album can also be preordered.
 Werewolf Records is a Luciferian metal temple founded in 1998. The wolfish cry from the Carelian battleground, Werewolf Records exclusively releases black metal and congruent noize. In this age when black metal’s worth is questionable, idealism and rigor are the exception when they should be the highest law. We uphold the law of the Wolf – the destruction of the weak and the false so that the original vitality of the dark magic art can continue to grow and create the foundations for an empire. Black metal is Will and Power. We deal with material that inspires us on our journey towards our own kingdom - a kingdom that is not yours, but bears a resemblance to the one there could be for you. Now in conspiracy with Hells Headbangers, the temple of Werewolf Records shall wage its war farther and wider than ever, with no spiritual surrender.


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