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New EP, "What We Could Have Been", out on December 4th!

 Started as a band in 2013, Mean to You is now a one-man project. The guys parted ways in 2016, so Mulles the bassist, continued this project in his own versatile way...!
 „Sadly, certain circumstances and inconsistencies drove us this way. As a founding member of this project and an independent musician, I personally never wanted MEAN TO YOU to stop this way. So after all the years, I took the decision to continue MEAN TO YOU on my own, as there are still a lot of written parts, songs in progress, and even unfinished demo tracks from the early days that I always wanted to record but never got the possibility for. Two years ago, I dug them all out and started working on them again. I started writing the tabs down for each song or idea, and after a few months, I finished a whole bunch of heavy rock songs."
 After his first EP "Strong" which was released late in 2021, the bassist is now back with another EP named "What we could have been". Initially planned as a band breakup concept for the first EP, "What we could have been" now comes with themes about overcoming band or life obstacles, challenges, and hard times.
 The new EP contains once again six dynamic and straightforward guitar and bass-driven alternative rock and metal compositions. Groovy and slightly aggressive riffs keep the album alive, with a more balanced and much clearer sound. The new songs give the impression of being a bit faster than on the previous EP, and with another singer, there are more energetic, hysterical, and screamed vocal parts. Again, there are no soft tracks; only heavy riffs drive the album.
 "A huge load is literally lifted off my shoulders. After a lot of ups and downs. After grueling months and various searches for musicians who should meet my needs, my second EP is now in the can. I'm happy that the 12 songs that I wanted to record from the beginning are now on the first EP as well. Without the help of numerous musicians from Turkey, India, and my home country, Luxembourg, the album would certainly not have become what it is today."
 What was initially intended to be released as a full-length album can now be found on both Eps. With new musicians on the line, this EP goes in the same direction again.


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