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New asplit album "Luciferian Nightfall" out on September 14th!

 HELTER SKELTER PRODUCTIONS and BLOOD HARVEST RECORDS are proud to present MALUM and LATHSPELL's combined force of a split-album, that is Luciferian Nightfall, on CD, MC, and 12" vinyl formats. After their successful debut-LP earlier this year, MALUM strikes fast and hard again on the following split. Continuing showcasing the most prominent and eminent black metal from Finnish soil, MALUM is without a doubt one of the most promising acts in the genre. On the other side is LATHSPELL, who unlike MALUM has been going on since 1998, and are still going strong which will not go unnoticed on this recording!
 All in all, Luciferian Nightfall clearly epitomizes everything about Finnish black metal, and one that shall not be forgotten in the future.


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