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"Demon" tape out on December 16th!

 BLOOD HARVEST RECORDS is proud to present the debut demo of Sweden's MALIGNER, Demon. MALIGNER are a deathrashing power-trio from the Malmo area; you could say they are a local band, considering that BLOOD HARVEST is located in Lund, just 20km away. The band has been around for about a year and was initiated by Aztiak and Ertheb, both of Latin American origin, when a mutual friend introduced them to each other to organize a show for Chilean death metal legends Sadism. After a few months of rehearsing and writing material, they were finally joined by bass-player (and soon-to-be vocalist) Maligno. The band was complete, songs finalized, and the demo recorded. And what a demo Demon is, a swift 'n' ripping attack of total DEATHrash done in a most '80s manner. Despite their young age as a band, you can clearly hear in MALIGNER's sound scattered traces of early Sacrifice, Death, Infernal Majesty, Blood Feast, and even Canada's Slaughter. Such is their skill that MALIGNER are able to transcend influence and unload a devastating arsenal of songwriting that bespeaks personality and charisma - and not to mention intense headbanging!


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