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New album, "Holus Bolus", out on July 12th!
  Lord Buffalo is heavy in the way that ghosts are heavy... in the way that billowing dust is heavy. That is to say, the Austin, TX Psych-Americana band's music impacts hard, though it seems impossible to touch. Their sound flows through us, it doesn't invite the Pavlovian response of typical heavy rock music. 
 Perhaps it's fitting that their new album "Holus Bolus" takes its name from an antiquated term meaning "all at once." It materializes instantly from the first opening notes, a grey haze drawing listeners in with deft juxtapositions of droning violin, guitars, drums and vocals.
 While the quartet wades into the same murky waters as dark emotive brethren Wovenhand, All Them Witches, Chelsea Wolfe, Emma Ruth Rundle, Earth, Echo & The Bunnymen, Nick Cave, the creative interplay of Middle Eastern influences and Western folk Americana takes the record in its own enveloping, meditative direction. Embarking on a sleep-deprived road trance through High Plains iconography, "Holus Bolus" is bleak yet hopeful, a mix that is by now Lord Buffalo's established custom blend.
 "Holus Bolus" was recorded by Danny Reisch and Max Lorenzen at Good Danny's in Lockhart, TX, mixed by Danny Reisch and mastered by Max Lorenzen.
 Exporting the haunting heavy folk of their 2020 full-length "Tohu Wa Bohu" across North America, Lord Buffalo toured as direct support for Elder in the fall of 2023, and previously for England's Church of the Cosmic Skull. They've performed at Psycho Las Vegas (twice), the inaugural Monolith on the Mesa, Ripplefest Texas and more.
 NPR Music described Lord Buffalo as, "known for their atmospheric spin on folk-rock, at times sounding like the Anthology of American Folk Music beamed from outer space." The Austin Chronicle called Tohu Wa Bohu, "a dusky, moody, roots-quaking disc of tension and release," and PopMatters summarized the music as, "haunting, American Gothic-inspired lyrical poetry, a torch to light our collective way in times of darkness."
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