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New album. "The Crescent King", out on October 4th!

 Since the band's inception in 2014, LIVLØS has proven themselves to be an ingenious force on the international death metal scene. Since the release of their deeply personal debut album "Into Beyond" (2018), which depicted a band in a time of heavy personal struggle, they have continued to grow – which is evident in both songwriting and technical prowess. Their second album "And Then There Were None" (2021), released by Napalm Records, immediately sounded darker and more ambitious, which resonated with fans and critics alike.
Following the second album's release, LIVLØS toured extensively, including a big sold out Copenhagen headliner, a European tour with Konvent and Implore, and a national headliner tour alongside appearances at Inferno Festival, Tallinn Music Week and not least the band's triumphant live peak in front of 14.000 people at Copenhell in 2023. LIVLØS kept themselves creative along the way and never missed a chance to write, despite a busy touring schedule. Already in 2022, a new album worth of material was written, and the band entered the studio once again with producer Jacob Bredahl in Aarhus, Denmark to record the new offering.
 Now, LIVLØS can finally unveil their third full length album, the conceptual cosmo-narrative 'The Crescent King'. Musically, the album bears witness to a band forever striving towards constant evolution and delivering the best possible in regards to songwriting, musicianship and production value. While bearing LIVLØS' trademarks of heavy, death metallic grooves, melancholic, grandiose melodies and progressive musicianship, the music on 'The Crescent King' compliments the ambitious concept as far as the prog elements now standing strong alongside traits of experimental dissonance to balance the band's ear for majestic melodies.
 As LIVLØS is always balancing their musical ambition and various influences into one singular heavy vision, the band also skillfully communicates its view on their main thematic subject matter - humankind. As on the prior releases, on our very race, homo sapiens, is also the focus of the band's scrutiny on 'The Crescent King'. Where' the prior album 'And Then...' delivered a perspective on life and death on several levels, written from a very personal place of loss, sorrow and mental conditions, this time, the band wished to conceive a fictional, conceptual piece throwing its gaze on the more general dispositions of the human condition, its psyche and place in the cosmic cyclus of the universe.
 Thus, 'The Crescent King' is a symbol of humankind in all its aspects, good and evil and in between. It is the tale of the king undertaking a journey through space and time, in which he discovers the secrets of himself and humankind. But it is also a story on how a good soul and its benevolent intentions can corrupt in the face of power, delusion and despair. Stylistically the existential space odyssey takes place in a fantasy-like, middle age setting with a hint of Lovecraftian horror lurking in the shadows, thus complementing LIVLØS' complex but unmistakable captivating musical vision heard on 'The Crescent King'.
 'The Crescent King' is produced by Jacob Bredahl (Lifesick, Eyes), mastered by Brad Boatright (Obituary, Suicide Silence, Gatecreeper, Nails) and carries artwork by Eliran Kantor (Testament, Bloodbath, Kreator, Hate Eternal).

06 10 Livlos

(Photograph by Nikolaj Bransholm)


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