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New EP, "I Still Miss Your Dog", out now!

 Fresh from supporting The Libertines on the Nordic leg of their 2022 tour, Internet Friends released their debut album "Dressed To Kill" in the spring of 2023 and following that release they were invited by The Libertines to record an EP in the studio at The Albion Rooms in Margate and play live at the venue. (they also played a show at The Sebright Arms in London on this trip). The recordings from those sessions are finally ready to be heard by the World. First taste is the single 'Kool Kids', released December 1st 2023 on Icons Creating Evil Art.
 The band comment on the trip and the resulting The Albion Rooms Sessions EP: "We opened up for The Libertines in 2022 and it was everything we hoped it to be. After we played together they invited us to come record in their studio in England. We played everything live, our friend Albin played bass, left handed Noel played guitar upside down and we re-recorded an old IF favorite from way back in a true punk fashion. A Live EP. From the best band since Black Eyed Peas, to all our beautiful and sexy fans."

01 25 Internet Friends

(Photograph by Richard Jonsson)



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