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New album, "Voice Of Storms", out on June 21st!

 "Voice of Storms" is a sludge-prog triumph, ready to grab listeners by the throat and immerse them in a fluid amalgam of blistering tempos, fearless hooks, outstanding vocal harmonies and burly crush. This is Horseburner blazing into sonic territory that few bands ever reach, with a mind-boggling skill for displaying epic songcraft, technicity and lyrical brilliance in equal measure — a must-have for fans of Baroness, Howling Giant and Mastodon.
 HORSEBURNER blasted onto the scene in 2009 amid comparisons to Mastodon and Baroness, with an iteration of high-energy sludge metal informed by their Appalachian industrial background and elevated conceptual themes. And, from the impact of galloping full-length "Dead Seeds", "Barren Soil" to their growth into a tremendous live force to the watershed leap of 2019's acclaimed "The Thief", Horseburner have not only endured, they have progressed.
 HORSEBURNER distinguish themselves from their stoner-psych contemporaries with staggering musicianship. Gear-shifting from hard-charging to restrained to urgent and angular, these musical flexes find Horseburner invoking a broader range of tools to craft their driving, soaring, obliterating mini-epics than a lot of bands have in their bags. Never concerned with proving what they can do, they sweep us up in the ease of their brilliance and go places a lot of heavy rock doesn't.
 Their upcoming new album "Voice of Storms" slated for a June 21st, 2024 release on Blues Funeral Recordings sees the four-piece pushing forward, challenging their abilities and always progressing as far as their ambition can take them. It was recorded and engineered by Neil Tuuri at Amish Electric Chair Studio, mastered by Billy Joe Bowers, with artwork by Brian Mercer and layout by Jacob Dunn.

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