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New EP "Noise Worship Propaganda" out on August 13th!

 Skilfully combining black/death and hardcore/punk, St. Petersburg, Russia's HELLBOMBhave developed their own, truly unique sound and style.
 Devotees of intense uncompromising blackened metal and brutal hardcore have a new band to champion.
 Extreme sound violence is the main course. Brought to another level of atrocity and grimness by these Russian metal maniacs. Primitive and aggressive. Intense and ugly. Each song is a burst of hatred into your skull.
 Started in 2013 as a studio project it promptly thrived into a monstrous act including highly professional musicians in its ranks.
 Raging through the Russian underground metal scene with dozens of local gigs and festivals, HELLBOMB have made a name for themselves as a severe and extremely energetic live band, sharing the stage with highly acclaimed metal acts like Destroyer 666, Necrophobic and Exhumed and taking part to the 2018 edition of the Netherlands Deathfest.
 HELLBOMB have already managed to release a demo tape, 2 full-length albums, 2 EPs and a single. Pretty productive for 6 years of existence, huh? The band is now marching to the sound of the last EP "Noise Worship Propaganda" into the new decade of its domination. Still evil. Still fuelled with hate. Still hungry for blood.



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