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New EP, "Descent Into Madness", out on June 21st!

 Sweden-based Doom Metal artist GRIM COLOSSUS has announced the first details of its upcoming EP, follower of the 2022 debut "Where Shadows Dwell".
 "Descent Into Madness" features 7 brand-new tracks of doom metal in the veins of Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus, and Trouble. It follows the journey of a man who, after his studies on Evil and readings of forbidden occult writings, is haunted by wicked entities whenever he closes his eyes. Grown sick of the terrible visions he sees in his nightmares, the unnamed man must go on an expedition into the deepest, darkest of jungles far away from any other civilization, where a tomb rests - a burial ground which keeps the secrets to his life.
 The sound of GRIM COLOSSUS is dark and dreary with a focus on heavy riffs, gloomy atmospheres, haunting lyrics and vocal style, together with some reminiscences of Down, present in a few tracks under the form of groovy riffs and mid-tempos.
 "Descent Into Madness" was written, recorded and produced by the mastermind of the project, Magnus Berglind. The artwork and logo are by Chris Kiesling (Misanthropic-Art). Photograph by Magnus Berglind himself.

05 15 Grim Colossus

(Photograph by Magnus Berglind)


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