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New split 10" EP out on September 14th!

 BLOOD HARVEST RECORDS and HELTER SKELTER PRODUCTIONS are proud to present a special split 10" between GLOAM and OBSCURE EVIL. Offering two, equally compelling takes on black metal, this 10" features exclusive songs by both hordes.
 GLOAM are up first and offer a side-long epic in "Black Swords of Destruction." Accurately titled, this eight-minute song follows hot on the heels of the band's critically acclaimed Death is the Beginning EP for BLOOD HARVEST, and shows yet another side to GLOAM's multi-dimensional attack: dungeon-bred darkness that scurries along cobwebbed corridors into a haunting, hackle-raising melodicism, with lead-guitar work that's literally to die for. OBSCURE EVIL are on the flipside and, sadly, offer their final two songs. Although this burn-hot-but-quickly cult from Peru left behind an all-too-scant discography, these last two tracks sing a diabolical last song to the Devil, drunkenly headbanging into pure, classic South American diabolism. The scent is sulfur is strong here, and so is the alcohol; in a word, it's totally and completely OBSCURE EVIL. Adorned with appropriately witching artwork, this split 10" between GLOAM and OBSCURE EVIL is mandatory listening for all sinners and scumbags, diehards and devil worshipers!


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