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New tape "The Gate Of Hell" out on October 21st!

 Following closely on the heels of Evil’s impressive 2017 debut album, Rites of Evil, Nuclear War Now! is pleased to present the band’s third demo, The Gate of Hell.
 Beginning with a self-titled instrumental intro that quickly morphs into the Sarcófago-styled attack of “Hell’s Evil Bell’s,” Evil confirms that it has not lost a step since the recording of the preceding album. This demo combines the ferocity of early Brazilian deathcore, the aggression of Teutonic thrash, and the unhinged nature of Japanese hardcore into three original tracks and a cover of the aforementioned Brazilian masters’ “Desecration of Virgin.”
 These strikes serve as the warning shot over the bow forecasting the siege of Evil’s impending live album on Electric Assault Records, the ensuing second studio album on NWN! in the coming months, and, most urgently, Evil’s upcoming appearance at the Nuclear War Now! / Iron Bonehead-curated Never Surrender Fest, which portends to lay waste to Berlin, Germany on November 1st-3rd of 2018.


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