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New album "Engulfed in Obscurity" out in June 30th!

 The arts of Death Worship and Devilry are being executed once more in the madness-filled streets of Kadiköy.
 ENGULFED the notorious Death Metal quartet known for their putrid smelling 2012 EP, "Through The Eternal Damnation" are back with their first full-length Engulfed in Obscurity". Containing members from other honourable Turkish Metal desecrators such as DECAYING PURITY, BURIAL INVOCATION and DIABOLIZER, this manifestation of infernal perversions and glorification of death itself will be unleashed on vinyl by Blood Harvest Records/Regain Records(distribution) in June 2017.
"Engulfed in Obscurity" features 9 songs of over 45 minutes, adorned with a sick artwork crafted by Nick Keller.


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