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Self-released new EP, "The White Elf", out on November 20th!

 Classic/trad metallers DUNGEON WOLF overcome tragedy and adversity to return with a triumphant new EP titled, The White Elf. The EP marks the first new material from the Floridian trio since the death of founding guitarist/vocalist Deryck Heignum.
 Recorded entirely on reel-to-reel analog tape, The White Elf embodies the raw, old-school spirit and honesty of a bygone era of traditional metal. Early praise for The White Elf draws comparisons to the likes of MANOWAR and JETHRO TULL.
 Moving from the frigid land of Cleveland, Ohio to Florida vocalist/guitarist Deryck Heignum brought an unconquerable passion for classic heavy metal.
 Teaming up with a local studio engineer/bassist and drummer for hire these three metal maniacs became DUNGEON WOLF and recorded the melodic and traditional debut album Slavery Or Steel on Iron Shield Records.
 Deryck's cousin Sig Heignum later took over bass duties and Darin Fitzpatrick, of the band The Noctambulant, joined on drums. The band took a new analog direction placing an emphasis on the heavy/warm/organic tones that come from recording on reel-to-reel tape.
 After the release of Metal's Back, Deryck passed away due to a heroin overdose and was replaced by Herman Passions for The White Elf. The band's January 2023 release, Barbed Wire Tattoo features leftover tracks from the Metal's Back sessions.

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