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New EP “In The Name Of God” out now!

 The Chilean heavy metal band has just released the EP entitled “In The Name Of God”, the second part of what will be their new studio album called “Dark Tales From Medieval Times”.
 The Inquisition, the witch hunt and the attack on the Lindisfarne monastery -which marked the beginning of the "Viking Age"- are the thematic threads of this EP, which maintains that Heavy Metal of previous productions, performed by the band composed by Felipe del Valle (voice), Rainer Hemmelmann (bass), Nicolás Arce (guitar) and Carlos Dolezal (drums).
 “This EP is important to me, because I feel that with it the musical and thematic proposal of our second album is consolidated. There are some new elements that we added into Dolezall's musical proposal and they are a great contribution to the final result we are looking for”, declares Carlos Dolezal, leader of the band.



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