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New album "Behind The Scenes" out on September 3rd!

 Hailing from Canada, DEAD SOUL ALLIANCE was begun in summer 2010 by founding member W.D. to explore brutal, old-school death metal of the ‘90s. In winter 2011, a home-studio recording consisting of all-original material would become DEAD SOUL ALLIANCE’s self-titled debut demo. This was later independently released in fall 2011 both digitally and on CD – the latter long sold out – and has been circulated worldwide since.
 In late 2012 and with new material, DEAD SOUL ALLIANCE decided to go into the studio and record new songs. Alex, a local drummer who would handle the drum position for the recording, W.D. began his session tracks in later 2012 to early 2013. After this, W.D. would lay down the tracks for the rest of the instruments & vocals in winter/spring 2013. Titled Proud to Die, the mini-album and was first released digitally and later on CD in September 2013. With a bigger and overall better production, this recording was well received within the metal community with some great reviews and was also a part of a few Canadian metal compilations.
 In 2016, DEAD SOUL ALLIANCE now had a new revised band logo design, which gave it a more individualized presentation and were also now working with Shawn from local band Deamon on the drum position. The newly-written song material was rehearsed during this time for the next mini-album, Slaves to the Apocalypse. Then in June 2016, the new recording began with Shawn entering the studio for his drum tracks, and later in September 2016, the rest of the recording would commence with W.D. taking care of all instruments and vocals.
 With new illustrated artwork designed for the cover, making it a true conceptual release, combined with Shawn's drumming style, Slaves to the Apocalypse pushed things to an overall further extreme while still retaining the band’s old-school death metal roots. With some great reviews and a lot of positive feedback overall, the release was well received by fans, webzine, and metal blogs worldwide. Slaves to the Apocalypse was released digitally in March 2017 and was released later on CD in September 2017. Then, later in August 2019, a limited-edition tape was released by Dawning Septic Productions in Canada.
 Later in September 2017, DEAD SOUL ALLIANCE’s demo from 2011 was revisited and remixed & remastered, bringing it up to a better sound quality and was re-released digitally on Bandcamp.
 In winter 2020, new writing began for DEAD SOUL ALLIANCE’s long-awaited debut album, Behind the Scenes. Working now with E.H. on the drums, his brutal skills would lay down the foundations for this sacrificial offering of death. He would then record in spring 2020, with W.D. then laying down his tracks for all instruments & vocals in summer 2020. The result of this first full-length would be a combination of an unremittingly heavy, eerie, and brutal impact, thus creating a further refinement – a new chapter, if you will – to the ongoing story of DEAD SOUL ALLIANCE. Featuring artwork by Mortuus-Art and nine new tracks of old-school brutality, each one as throttling & thrilling as the last, DEAD SOUL ALLIANCE dive deeper into the rabbit hole with the aptly titled Behind the Scenes, questioning the truth of existence and reality itself. Highly recommended for fans of Grave, Cianide, Benediction, Unleashed, and Asphyx!



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