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New album "Spiritual Resonance” set for release on the 13th of September!

 According to the band, “Spiritual Resonance” is the most mystcal and ritualistic album that DARKEND has made to date . Everything having been cathartically planned to take the listener through an esoteric journey.  As Animæ says “These are paths to my world beyond. Carrying the seeds of change”.
 DARKEND was formed in 2006 by drummer, and only remaining original member, Valentz,  who describes the fledgling band as “young guys wanting to let our energy out.  And black metal was the only way –  the left hand path we all aimed for”.  Having undergone the inevitable round of member changes, Valentz has today found the ideal lineup of  like-minded spirits with Animæ on Vocals, Antarktica on Grand Piano/Ambience, Ashes and  Nothingness on Lead Guitars, and Vinterskog on Bass.
 Together they create music that is best described as Extreme Ritual Art.  “Arcane symphonies exalting ancient ceremonial chants lost in nocturnal remembrances, sulphur riffs engraved on black metal patterns and progressive freedom.  Lying at  the border between magic and spirituality, where cults and rituals can wander free in the wisdom of infinity, at the crossroads between life and death. Swallowed by the energy of the ceremony, engulfed by the dense smoke of incense, for DARKEND there’s no difference between good and evil, dream and reality”.


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