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New album, "Destin Cruel", out on November 17th!

 Conjured in 2015 in the frozen landscapes of Canada, Cruel Fate released their first demo soon after their inception, followed by a full-length in 2019 (A Quaternary of Decrepit Night Mares), a split album in 2021 with fellow Canuck death-dealers Expunged, and the Live Necropsy live tape in 2022. As impious apostles of the old vanguard, Cruel Fate worships at the altar of '90s greats such as Unleashed, Grave, Benediction, and Bolt Thrower, while lacing the chalice’s blood with their own blend of ferocious, stomping death metal.
 Now wielding the French language as a bludgeoning battle axe, Cruel Fate unleashes their second full-length, Destin Cruel. Cleanly produced yet cold & crushing, Cruel Fate's sophomore album is a tour de force of classic death metal songcraft, comprising rolling-tank grooves, judiciously parceled bouts of speed, slipstreaming breakdowns, and a haunting lead or five. Nothing fancy or flashy, nor does it need to be: simply, Destin Cruel quickly makes its point in a half-hour and gets out, devastating the listener in the process. This release is sure to tighten the quartet’s steel grip on the throat of maniacs worldwide.



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