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Debut EP "Tell-Tale Heart" out now!

 The alt-rock soloist CORRO, former known from alt-rock bands Kerbera and DEADLOCKED STATE, made his solo debut last fall with ‘Hi Hello’, a track which tussles with the social stigma attached to mental health, followed by the single ’Sing Me A Song’ where he’s reminding the listeners of that they are not alone against the world even if it feels like it.
 ”We are a bunch of messed up kids around and there are always people who understand what you feel”
 Now CORRO is starting off the new decade by releasing his debut EP ’Tell Tale Heart’ – a collection of songs that offer support and comfort to the listener, each one in its own way regardless of what emotional challenges they are facing.
 Talking about the EP, CORRO says: ”It means extremely much to me, in different ways. First of all to be able to finish an EP of my own with the support of my label, my friends online and my close ones. But also because the songs are really personal and just me writing whatever I feel like. It is a big step for me.”
 CORRO continually receives letters from fans telling him how much his music have helped them through their own mental health issues and this is his opportunity to start a dialogue with his fans and any others that are struggling themselves.
 He’s describing his musical style on the EP saying: ” I guess I’d have to say it is a big mix of genres that gives a glimpse of all my inspirations through the years. From Lady Gaga to Nirvana, it’s a great mix! But also that I have so much more than this to make and given the future!”
 The artists red-raw vocals are reminiscent of YUNGBLUD while the electronic-laden production leans more towards Twenty One Pilots, though CORRO still finds his niche, building an anthemic chorus laced with synth-heavy string parts. He says: ”I will ALWAYS surprise you. I constantly want to find new inspirations and new ways to tackle music, videos and live shows. The audience is my friends and I promise we will have a lot of fun together!”
 CORRO's ep Tell-Tale Heart will be released on Valentine's Day Feb 14 via the Stockholm based imprint Icons Creating Evil Art.

(Photograph by Cosma-Shanti)


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