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Set release date for debut album!

 Blood Harvest Records, in conspiracy with Rotted Life, sets October 18th as the international release date for the highly anticipated debut album of Portland, Oregon's Coffin Rot, A Monument to the Dead, on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats.
 Formed in 2017, Coffin Rot quickly set to work on their first demo, following it a year later with another one as well as a split with comrades Molder. Wasting no time, now comes the quartet's full-length debut, A Monument to the Dead, displaying their swift mastery of the Metal of Death. Aptly titled, A Monument to the Dead is a timeless and trend-free synthesis of various eternal strains of death metal: Grave's proud 'n' powerful surge, Cianide's sewer-drenched doom-death, the blackened corridors of early Immolation, and a whole host of other equally stout influences. However, it's the manner in which Coffin Rot are able to rearrange these parameters into something horrific and, above all, immediately memorable: while by no means sticking to predictable verse/chorus rock-music structures, A Monument to the Dead retains a strangely hummable catchiness whilst remaining resolutely and utterly DARK and DEATHLY. Adding to the album's potency is a clear-yet-crushing production that's the epitome of powerful - and one which is richly analog, ably highlighting Coffin Rot's very human (and very literal) execution.
 Completed by dank 'n' disgusting artwork courtesy of Skadvaldur, Coffin Rot deliver A Monument to the Dead - are you among those doomed souls?



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