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Set release date for new album!

 Since the release of their first real album, Transient, in 2015, the members of Chaos Echoes have been working ceaselessly to create a worthy successor to that powerful musical work. Nuclear War Now! Productions is proud to announce that the band has completed its highly anticipated second album, entitled Mouvement, and it is currently in production. It is set for international release on February 15th, 2018 on CD and vinyl LP formats.

 Chaos Echoes has spent an entire year working in earnest to gather ideas and compose the material for this album, which was recorded late in 2016. This new album bears some structural similarities to Transient, but in sound, style, and theme, it also marks a departure. The band describes the intent behind the album as follows: “The will behind this album was to move towards a form of simplicity and immediacy, and to propose a music that is still focused on spirituality, but where Transient was focused on introspection and the individual, the theme of Mouvement would be the impact of the environment, the outside world, and the context on that individual.”
 Following closely behind the release of the band’s Unfathomable EP, this new album promises to exceed the expectations established by all of the band’s prior works and will firmly establish Chaos Echoes as one of the most consistently creative and multidimensional bands in the scene.


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