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New album, "Solace In Absurdity", out on April 5th!

 …a seething mass of chaos, of endless gaping maws, slathering tongues and thrashing limbs, chattering teeth and sibilant whispers of lunacy and obscenity. There is no silence, there is no peace, there is no sense or order. With all laws of structure and reason obliterated and swirling like dust in the ever-moving eddies that spin across the oceans of blood and tears, all is undone, all is lost… Dragged beneath the surface we drink deep of madness and find our only salvation, our only solace in absurdity…
 Welcome to a kingdom of the obscene and absurd, where reason is dissected and destroyed and reality is warped into nightmare – welcome to the world of Brutalism! Hailing from Boise, Idaho, these exponents of the extreme have created an album that draws together two horrors, two powers from beyond the light. Solace In Absurdity, Brutalism’s debut full length release, is a fusing of vile bodies, melding the dark, imperious death metal of the original gods with the twisted technicality of the most brutal monstrosities imaginable. The results are shocking, bewildering and glorious! Disjointed and improbable, songs like ‘Astrocytomic Hemorrhaging’ set about disassembling your sanity like frenzied, robotic worker ants, while ‘Accelerated Decreptitude’ jolts and judders like a broken engine reanimated by chaotic essence and malign, meddling spirits of gleeful wickedness. While ‘Asphyxiating On Vomitous Excretion’ stalks the shadows within the chapel of ghouls, ‘Flesh Pyramid’ sounds the war trumpets of hell across the unimagined planes of infernal conflict. Utterly inhuman vocals tear through forests of spine-mangling riffs and howling solos dive and twist through a rain of blazing, blasting beats. This is the essence of death metal, sent spinning into a dominion of torture beyond understanding.
 Embracing a raw, organic sound, where every screaming, raging element of sonic malevolence entwines in magnificent cacophony, Brutalism have fashioned a collection of psychotic litanies that will tear your soul apart. Swathed in the grotesque artwork of Moon Ring Design (Opprobrium, Nocturnal Serpent, Ascensions Fall etc), Solace In Absurdity will be set free from its restraints on April 5th by Comatose Music. Hold tight to your sanity, because madness is about to descend!

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