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New album "The End Is Nigh" out on May 12th!

 Apocalypse Orchestra release the debut album “The End is Nigh”
 Standing with one leg in medieval times and the other in modern metal, Apocalypse Orchestra weaves their own special tapestry of music. The tones of the hurdy gurdy and the bagpipe entwines the heavy guitars and music separated by over 800 years meet.
 The band was formed by musical partners in crime Mikael and Erik based out of Sweden. Inspired by their love for folk music and slow metal they decided to combine the two. With a foundation of original music and lyrics but also incorporating melodies from as far back as the 11th century the goal was to create a musical homage to a era long since gone.
 The songs tell of flagellants, plague doctors, tales of hell, the meaninglessness of war and of suffering; they are all chapters in the bands grimoire. To balance it out they also shine a light on medieval art, science and enlightenment.
 The band was completed with the addition of Jonas, Rikard and Andreas. The Orchestra have since played live on many occasions and has been seen at both clubs and festivals, as well as performing live with the Gävle Symphonic Orchestra. The band has been known for their theatrical performances, sometimes featuring actors, fire shows and projected animations to enhance the music.
 The debut album “The End Is Nigh” was recorded during the second half of 2016, the drums at Studio Overlook by William Blackmon (producer of Gadget, Beardfish, Isole among others) while all other instruments were recorded by Erik and Mikael at Studio Bordun. It was then mixed by Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry/Kaipa) at Studio Kabyss and mastered by Fredrik Groth at Studio Flåklypa.
 The album features original compositions and lyrics with a heavy medieval flare, but also containing actual melodies hailing back as far as the 12th century. Featuring hurdy gurdy, bagpipe, cittern, lute, mandora and several more traditional instruments the ambience is set from the start. Lyrical themes ranges from everyday toils of the common man in the dark ages, onwards to art, science and literature all the way to otherworldly views of existence.
 Even though the album is named “The End Is Nigh” this is only the beginning…


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