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New album "Heathen"!

 With the 12 October having been set as the release date for “Heathen”, the eighth full-length album from veteran Norwegian Dark Metallers AETERNUS, Dark Essence Records have revealed full details of the album.
 “Heathen”, which will mark the band’s 25th Anniversary,  is all that you would expect from AETERNUS, which was founded in Bergen by guitarist and frontman Ares and is one of the original pioneers of the Dark Metal genre. The seven-track album is packed full of AETERNUS’  trademark sound which combines features from both Black Metal and Death Metal . The complex extreme music is spiced with heavy riffs and melodic interludes, performed to perfection by vastly experienced and extremely skilled musicians.
 Aside from Ares, AETERNUS’ lineup is composed of Phobos (GRAVDAL, GORGOROTH live) on drums and KRAKOW’s Eld on bass.  Live guitar duties have been taken up by Gorm (THYRUZ) and the band will accompany TAAKE on their South American tour in September.
 Artwork by Tom Korsvold and photography by Ares.


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