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New album "Nothing Compares To Metal" out now!

 "Nothing Compares To Metal" is a continuation of VELVET VIPER's concept with lyrics about classical, poetic and mythical themes.
 Just like on the first three albums of the band's new era, Jutta and Holger have composed all the songs together. 
 For VELVET VIPER it is very important to create music that reflects the band's mentality and creative freedom, because the world need originals, not copies.
 For the very first time, there is a song with German lyrics featured on the album, which is a private little statement from Jutta, that is available on the CD and digital version of the album only. All songs on the album are about 5, 6 or 7 minutes long, because the band felt, that the songs need enough space to evolve with its different parts and complex structuring to create the drama VELVET VIPER want their music to convey.
 VELVET VIPER has chosen a natural old-school sound with only some little sprinkles of keyboard here and there, and they tried to capture their live sound they love so much as well.
 VELVET VIPER has toured and recorded with an unchanged lineup for several years now, and really nailed their style of music with crushing beats and great melodies this time.

Velvet Viper news Nothing Compares To Metal

(Photograph by Christoph Speidel)


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