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New live album, "A Celebration I - Live in North America", out on October 27th!

 Witness the sheer brilliance of this German metal band as they take the stage by storm, leaving audiences spellbound with their awe-inspiring performance.
 A Celebration I - Live in North America takes you on a mesmerizing journey through their iconic discography, featuring fan-favorites from albums like Cosmogenesis, Omnivium, Akroasis, Diluvium and the chart-breaking A Valediction. Experience the sheer energy and raw intensity of their stage presence, captured flawlessly in this one-of-a-kind live recording.
 Not only does this live album showcase OBSCURA's unparalleled musical mastery, but it also offers a glimpse into their latest studio release, A Valediction. Immerse yourself in the sonic landscapes of their most recent opus, as they explore new depths and push the boundaries of metal.
 Mixed & Mastered by award-winning producer and engineer Fredrik Nordström, in Gothenburg, Sweden, where mastermind Steffen Kummerer collaborated with him for one week on the live material.
 The recordings were all made in the USA, Canada and Mexico between 2022 and 2023 as part of the "A Valediction World Tour".
 Steffen Kummerer comments: “A Celebration I - Live in North America covers a selection of concerts we performed in the United States of America, Canada and Mexico between 2022 and 2023 as part of the „A Valediction World Tour“. Within 20 years, we are looking towards the first live album of Obscura, spiked with songs of our last five releases. It was a pleasure working through every recorded show to pick the best song, the loudest possible audience and a stellar performance by a band that's on fire."

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(Photograph by Vincent Grundke)


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